Rif: Bootloading through CAN bus

Started by Unknown December 6, 2002

If you want you can increase boot sector size using normal internal flash
sectors. Actual boot sector is not different from other sectors, is only
extern if you start in mode B so you can boot from an external memory. I
have a boot loader that is 4Kword (2Kw boot sector + 2Kw of normal internal
flash) and can receive program boot both from serial or from a


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Bootloading through CAN bus
05/12/02 17.13

Per favore,

rispondere a

We've been using bootloader initially JTAGed into Boot Flash in order to
download the application code via serial port. At the moment we need to
download the application code via CAN bus instead of serial port. Our major

problem is the small size of boot flash which is almost filled with the
bootloader by CW and made it impossible to change bootloader to interface
through CAN bus to get the application code. Has anybody any experience in
this regard.
I would appreciate any information regarding this.
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