568xx MSCAN: "OVERLOAD" Frame?

Started by Corey, Rick December 6, 2002
Does anyone happen to know whether the 568xx MSCAN peripheral sends a CANbus
"Overload Frame" under any condition? I don't mean setting the "Overrun"
flag in CANRFLG register. I understand that it is a close clone of the
MSCAN12 peripheral originally shipped with the HC012.

The Bosch 2.0B CANbus spec mentions it as a frame which is sent depending on
the "internal conditions of a receiver, which requires a delay of the next
DATA FRAME or REMOTE FRAME". (Or it can be sent because a dominant bit was
detected during an "INTERMISSION".)

I would love to know if, for instance, the MSCAN peripheral shoots out an
OVERLOAD frame every time CANRFLG.RXF is set ... or if RXF is set and some
other condition is detected, or if CANRFLG.OVRIF is set or ...

I searched for the word for "OVERLOAD" in the User Manual rev. 3.0 and
also the DSP56800/MSCAN Driver User's Manual SDK116/D Rev. 1.5,
03/13/2002, but found nothing.

Thanks in advance. Rick Corey, Software Development
DPC Instrument Systems Division, Flanders NJ