Motorola DSP56F807 SDK and Micro C OS integration problem.

Started by Srinivas December 30, 2002

I am using motrola DSP56F807 SDK 2.5 and Micro c OS 2.6 Version.

I have a task X waiting on event E.

The event E is set in the CanReadCallBack function which is being
called by the CANReceiveSuperISR. The event is being set in ISR

Here i am facing this problem: even before the ISR is finishing its
execution, Task is executing. OS is assuming that event has been
posted by another task.

How to make OS scheduler suspended when an ISR is executing.How to
give ISR's higher priority than the scheduler?

Is it a problem with integration of SDK with Micro C OS? If so, can
any one tell me what i need to do for integrating Micro C OS with

Any help is highly appreciated.