how to verify TEST VECTORS w/ Homing Sequences???

Started by aysit June 21, 2006
Hi all,

I purchased the G.726 Test Vectors from ITU. I have written code to
use these vectors to test my G.726 codec.

So far, I can pass ALL the Test Vectors for the RESET SEQUENCES.
However, I'm having problem with the HOMING SEQUENCES. I can't get
any of these Test Vectors that requires HOMING SEQUENCES to pass.

>From the ITU document (G.726 Appendix II Test Vectors 03/91), it
specifically mentions by simply appending an additional sequence
(ex. PCM_INIT.M for m-law or PCM_INIT.A for a-law), that would setup
the G.726 State Structure to known specific values.

What I am currently doing with the Homing Sequence is that I read it
off the file, then convert all the ASCII values to HEX, and finally
I dump everything into a big buffer. Next, I pass this big buffer
into the encoder portion of the codec and pass in the desired INPUT
file. When I compare the output of the encoder to the reference
output, I get mostly errors. Please keep in mind that all RESET
SEQUENCES tests pass for me.

Please help! Thanks.