Help needed: Documentation and test vectors for G.711,G.726,G.729,G.723.1

Started by nasound January 22, 2002
I need to implement G.711,G.726,G.729,G.723.1.
But the documentations and test software/vectors
all add up to pretty much $$$money.

I'll like to know where I could find free documentation
and test vectors on these.

I really need these urgently, esp G.711 and G.726.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I shall give my final program code in C and TI C54xx
(when I complete them) free to anyone who could provide
me with the relevant info.
(I have 2+ years experience in DSP coding, so
professional coding standard shall be garanteed.)

PS: I'm doing these for personal projects, so giving away
source code is not a problem;p