help me about AMR in MMS?

Started by Aulia Satia Ningrum September 16, 2002
Dear All...

i need help.
could somebody help me?
are there anyone have any documents about AMR
(Adaptive Multi-Rate) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging
are there anyone knows about what the connection
between AMR and MMS?
as far as i know in MMS interoperability document by
Nokia, MMS uses AMR as its audio codec in its SMIL
so.. actually how they get connected?
what is the AMR code listing to be used in MMS?
are there documents about it?
where do i have to find about it?
what is the url if it's in the internet?
are there books about it?
what are the titles?
where do i have to find it?
could somebody help me with this?

thank you very much in advance.

best regards,