Help regarding Cepstral Coeffs (LPCC)

Started by Abhijeet Joshi February 23, 2004
Hi ,
I need some help regarding getting Cepstral coeffs from LPC coeffs. I have found
2 variation for the algo to do this.
1) One algo (given in fundamentals of Speech recogntion by Rabiner/Juang) says
that the initial cepstral coeff is the residual gain term as calculated in the
LPC phase.
2) Another algo that I found says that the first cepstral coeff is the first LPC
I have a confusion regarding this. Will somebody please explain this?

Thanks and reagards,
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Hi ,
I found this information about cepstral coeffs on a site.
"The zeroth cepstral coefficient cannot be computed directly with LPC analysis,
but since it represents the overall energy in the spectrum, the LPC cepstrum
coefficients are usually augmented with log-energy to replace ."
I have a some questions about this:
1) Is this the error value obtained during LPC coeffs calculation?
2) Is this the zeroth autocorrelation coeff which represents the energy of the
Thanks and reagards,
Abhijeet Joshi