Texas Instruments OMAP-L138 DAC Connections

Started by OnMyOwn 4 years ago110 views
If anyone has worked with this board and connected it to either a serial or parallel DAC, tell me where the connections are! The documentation for the board describes both a serial interface (SPI) and a parallel interface (uPP) but nowhere can I find any information on how to physically connect to these interfaces, and there are no indications on the board itself. I am trying to send a 400 kHz digitized and AM modulated signal to a DAC.  My only alternative is to use the audio codec on the board to create a baseband signal at 24 kHz or less, but that seems like a waste when the board has a 456 MHz DSP chip.  I posted this question to TI's ece site, but got no response.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can respond.