Fundamental CCS Ti C67x questions

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I've got a couple of basic operations that I may not understand. 

First off, I wrote a simple GPIO program that turns and LED off and on while the program is running from CCS.  How would I get this program loaded onto something like flash for the card to boot from?  I've been writing binaries to the flash directly from CCS for other programs I didn't write.  However, now that I've written a simple program, I'm not sure if just generating a .out file and writing it to flash is all thats needed?  Do I just have to convert it to binary or do I have to make further considerations inside the program?  

The .gel file and cmd file are setup.  The mem map reflects what I've setup.  Just haven't been able to get the .out to run natively from the board.

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Reply by Robert WolfeJuly 9, 2021


You will need to convert the .out file to binary format, and flash it to your board.  There are tools, and instructions for that.  Start here:

You can also search here, to find additional information and guidance:

It's a better search resource, then internet general.

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