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System FaX Flow_and_Issues

We have been through some issues with integration of FAX Relay into TTMS320C55XX.  The Object code for the FAX relay was from a TI Third Party vendor, who lacks in support after the SALE.  

Attached is a situation we are into and are unable to integrate.

Besides what is attached in this we also need to know.

1) When do we switch from voice to fax mode for t.38 fax. Any handshaking process to be followed?
2) Please guide us through the API's used in  initialization and processing. Also share any case study for fax integration with example code.

ANY HELP, is appreciated.  contact :  



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Reply by Tim WescottMay 12, 2016

1: Have you looked at the T.38 fax specifications?  I don't have the document to hand, but I suspect that this is spelled out pretty directly.

2: I'm sorry, but you haven't given enough information -- you haven't even said what software you want the API information for.  Moreover, what you're asking for appears to involve considerable detail work rather than the answering of a single-point question.  As such, it's an appropriate thing to approach a consulltant to do for you for pay, but -- unless I'm about to be vastly surprised -- not something that someone will drop what they're doing (probably for pay) and do (for free) to help you make money.

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Reply by bala101May 12, 2016

Thank you Tim.  

Thank you for the response. 

We could share any information that we will lead to the integration and closure.  Yes we have been through much time and effort on this issue.  

Yes We are also most willing to pay for support.  If this is within your domain to resolve or if you could direct us to someone who could resolve this for us, that will be great and much appreciated.  To be able to share any documentation, would you be able to furnish us with your mail ID, so we can interact on the resolving of the issue. 

Many thanks again.

Bala Chander