TMS320DM642: receive DSP to Host interrupt repeatedly and unsuccessful to deassert it

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I have a custom PCI board based on TMS320DM642 and I am trying to interrupt the Host by PINTA signal. On the Host side I have a Windows 7 64-bit, and I am using a kernel mode driver (in my case Jungo WinDriver) to access the PCI memory map, IO Port, and to handle interrupt. with the mentioned driver I have access to DSP memory, and PCI registers.

There is a part in my project that DSP should interrupt the host. I do this by setting the INTREQ bit of RSTSRC, and I receive the interrupt but repeatedly at the host.

The problem is that I couldn't deassert it and I receive the interrupt until either my host software crash or the whole system hang and I have no choice but to reboot.

I tried to deassert the interrupt by setting the INTRST bit of RSTSRC or INTSRC bit if HSR port but none of these methods apparently working. 

Is there anything I am missing here? I would be grateful if somebody give me some suggestions.



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Reply by jeff_burchJune 12, 2017

Do you know if you are doing "edge" or "level" triggered interrupts. See and note section 9.2.2

If you are in "level" triggered mode, the kernel driver will need to clear the interrupts BEFORE it calls your user-mode interrupt handler. Otherwise, a second, third, forth, ... interrupt will immediately happen because the HW signal is still asserted.

This could explain why your PC hangs.

A "edge" triggered interrupt only happens once (on each edge). Your user-mode handler would then get to run and reset the HW so that it could generate another interrupt in the future.

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Reply by cucuJune 13, 2017

actually I've read that document and I know my interrupt type is "level" triggered mode.

It is possible to set a command or chain of commands (reading/writing to ports/memory mapped addresses) with Jungo APIs, and when the interrupt be triggered those commands will executed in jungo driver. Based on this information I tried to set different registers but none of them worked.

my problem is that I am not sure whether the registers I am reading/writing are the right one, like HSR, RSTSRC which I mentioned in my first post