What is the meaning of Structure in Constructor function?

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In Object-Oriented Programming methodology, construction function is used to assign the data to the object variables. But in the following Matlab code, there is a structure in the constructure function and I am trying to understand this usage and how we can interpret the logical operators in the code below.

I am not sure if this is the right place asking this kind of question here but if you could explain I would be glad.

Here are my questions:

1-Could you please explain how it works and why a structure is used in the constructor function above?

2-In the constructor function there is a tilde (~) operator, how do we interpret the usage of this tilde operator here?

3-Is there any other way that can be used to express the same purpose here instead of using tilde?

4-Also could you please help interpreting the usage of isstruct operator in the constructor function?

5-What is the meaning of (~isfield(StructParameters)) logical function?

Many thanks in advance!!!!

classdef myClass
        function obj=myClass(StructParameters)
            if nargin==0
            if ~isstruct(StructParameters)
                error('Input argument has to be struct.')
                % load the parameters
                for x=1:length(F)
            if ~isfield(StructParameters, 'a')
                obj.a=[1 2; 4 5];
           if ~isfield(StructParameters, 'd')
                obj.d=[0 1; 4 5];
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Reply by Tim WescottJune 17, 2017

1: I'm not sure exactly what they're attempting, but it looks like they're constructing a structure F that matches the input structure.  The "why" is because sometimes you want to pass in structured data; more than that would have to come from the author.

2: The tilde in Matlab is a logical not: for a scalar, (a == 1) is the same as ~(a~=1) (this may or may not be the case if a is a vector -- trying to figure that out without doing a bunch of test cases would make my brain hurt).

3: Probably not, or at least it'd be dangerous.  If the "isfield" function is strict about returning a boolean, then you could say "isfield(whatever)==false", where 'false' in this context is whatever Matlab predefines as being a logical false (I'm not a Matlab guy: in Scilab it's '%F').

4: By context, it pretty much has to mean that it's telling you whether the argument is a structure or not.

5: isfield(StructParameters, 'a') will, I'm 99.44% certain, return true if the structure has a field named a.  ~isfield(StructParameters, 'a') should return false if the structure has a field named a, and true if it does not.  isfield(StructParameters) should probably generate an error message.

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Reply by runinrainyJune 18, 2017

Thank you Tim for your quick reply!!!
It is better than yesterday now but still some parts that I am still searching for them.

1- If it is the structured data to be passed into the class
MyClass then how can I access into the structured data, StructParameters?

2-How can I run the following error condition?
   error('Input argument has to be struct.')

Could someone please give me an example commands for this run?