Advice in Noise Suppression in Voice Processing Context

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Hello, I am playing with noise suppression for voice processing applications. I have done a bit of reading and thought it sensible to ask if anyone could advise me as to a good place to start. I am familiar with spectral subtraction and have played with it a bit but avoiding artefacts seems to be an issue. Any advice would be appreciated with techniques or post processing to remove artefacts. Thanks

NB: I am assuming a office/home environment (not an F16).

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Reply by dgshaw6September 21, 2017

Y. Ephraim and D. Malah, "Speech Enhancement Using a Minimum Mean-Square Error Short-Time Spectral Amplitude Estimator", IEEE Trans. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal processing", vol. ASSP-32(6), pp. 1109-1121, December 1984