Looking for a good tutorial for Viterbi decoding

Started by Tim Wescott 5 years ago3 replieslatest reply 5 years ago114 views

I've got a really good idea of how Viterbi decoding works, but I'm working with someone who needs to look at some code that I've written and understand it.  He's got a software engineering background, but no real comms experience.

Are there any good discussions out there of how Viterbi decoding works that are relatively standalone?  It doesn't have to go deep into the theory -- just something that demonstrates the mechanics of going from an encoded and corrupted bitstream to a decoded (and hopefully correct) bitstream.

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Reply by MichaelGonzalesMay 4, 2018

Try this youtube Lecture.

Michael P. Gonzales

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Reply by Doug768May 4, 2018

I've directed a few people to this same URL--good for grasping the concept.

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Reply by Tim WescottMay 5, 2018

Oooh.  Looks good.  I'll forward the link -- thanks.