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Dear All,

I am looking for a mature stable C++ package/library/class for DSP. I used IT++ regularly, however, I am struggling to get compiled over the latest Ubuntu. Therefore, I am looking for an alternative. Can anyone advise on that topic. I found a bunch of them online, but I am looking for a well supported and maintained package

Thanks in advance.


The bug has been resolved. The bug number is 256, and the solution as the modulator (Bogdan Cristea) emailed me:

git clone ssh://<user> itpp-git
git clone
cmake .. -DGTEST_DIR=$HOME/projects/googletest/googletest
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Reply by BEBSynthesizersNovember 18, 2018

What is your application? Audio? Video? Anything else? For which target? Without these information, it will be hard to recommend you anything.

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Reply by ahmedshaheinNovember 18, 2018

Thanks for your reply. Main application is Audio and Radios.


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Reply by jbrowerNovember 19, 2018


First, I think the core of GNU radio is C++, maybe that's usable for you.  Second you might look at OpenCV.  That's image processing, but their code seems to be pretty fast and they have acceleration options for OpenMP, OpenCL, and also GPU support.  Things like FFTs and convolutions you could use in "1D" form for audio and radio.

Third, does it have to be C++ ?  A lot of very good, solid DSP code has been around a long time and was originally written for DSP devices, so it's in C form.  Good examples include C sources published by TI and Analog Devices over last 25 years, and early open source projects like ffmpeg (dating from 1999 when they were writing everything in C and x86 asm).

Once you find a good C++ class, keep in mind you could locate some of the older codes, which tend to be super efficient because of their DSP chip roots, and included them in your class.  I do that all the time.


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Reply by ahmedshaheinNovember 19, 2018

Dear Jeff,

Thank you very much for the insights. C code shall be sufficient for me as well. Once again, thanks.