Trying to go live SOON

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EDIT: Blog post about this live stream has been published.

I have had all kind of technical issues trying to go live at 1pm EDT. Now I am trying to do 2pm EDT.  If I am successful, the following video should work:

Please use this thread to post your feedback, thank you!

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Reply by stephanebApril 5, 2019

If you watch it, you'll notice that I decided to have fun with that one - not very serious.  This is all an experiment.

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Reply by bitkingApril 5, 2019

A wetter beer than the digital one I sent.

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Reply by neiroberApril 7, 2019


Thanks for the intro to New Brunswick humor.


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Reply by jorickApril 10, 2019

Ha ha!  I love it!  The smell detector is great!

A suggestion for the next installment is to fix the lighting.  The background is very bright because of the sun shining on the snow.  This causes the camera to dim down everything else, making things like your face hard to see.  A bright light shining on you will help a lot, or turn so that you're facing any bright light source.

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Reply by stephanebApril 10, 2019

Thanks for the feedback!

For this live session, I had two 800w-equivalent soft boxes very close to my face and still, I agree with you, I am under-exposed.  Very hard to win a battle against the sun rays reflecting on the now.  The snow is almost all gone now, we might see some improvements in future broadcasts.

Thanks for watching!

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Reply by natersozApril 5, 2019

This answers the age old question:

Who drinks beer through a straw?

Now we know.

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Reply by stephanebApril 5, 2019

Haha, first time in my life but it was worth it just for your comment.

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Reply by bitkingApril 8, 2019