FIR Convolution Compile Error

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I want to convolve a long FIR with incoming analogue input data on a STM32F769i_Discovery board.  I am getting errors : 'Wiring Error at top-level system'; 'System output pin  'Sys_Out Type' does not validate'; 'Block sizes did not validate'.  I am a 'newbie' to all of this, therefore I am happy to email my project to anyone who is prepared to assist me.

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Reply by drmikeOctober 20, 2019

How software can tell you have a "wiring error" is pretty amazing.  Have you done a simple LED blinky program?  If so, start with that and add one small piece at a time until you get up to the full problem you are trying to deal with.  The alternative method is to comment out almost everything you have until you get things to compile right, then add small chunks in one at a time so you can fix things one piece at a time.  Debugging is a very  useful art to learn.  Not only does it feel good to solve things yourself, you will become an expert very quickly.  It's also a lot easier for other people to answer very specific questions (like why does an interrupt not fire when the FIR is done computing and you thought it was supposed to).  It just sounds to me like you took too big a bite to chew at once.

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Reply by emebOctober 20, 2019

It would be very helpful if you could tell us which development tools you used that generated these errors. I do a lot of DSP work on STM32 and I've never come across these kind of warnings.

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Reply by djmaguireOctober 20, 2019

Cool board.  I'm seconding the request to know the tools that you are using.  A "wiring error" suggests a graphical programming environment.  AudioWeaver, perhaps?

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Reply by matthewbarrOctober 20, 2019

The tools seem to be trying to tell you that somewhere you have an output pin definition or configuration problem. If this is a configurable device the so-called 'wiring error' may refer to top-level connection to I/O circuitry inside the device. Hard to say whether or not the block size error message is related to the other messages.

If you haven't already, you might also consider asking this question on an STM forum where you're likely to find someone who recognizes these specific error messages.

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Reply by MJLOctober 20, 2019

I am using AudioWeaver, version STMicro 8.B.1.3.  I saw that this provides 'long FIR', so I decided to try this out, but I am now getting other issues:  the AWE Designer app. no longer loads and I am getting an error message 'Error connecting to the AWE Server Verify that the Server is connected to the target'.  ST-Link connects OK.  Also, of i try to connect to the target via USB, I get the error 'Unable to create USB port'.  What is wrong ?