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MATLAB (@MATLAB) 12 hours ago

Do you know about Souza's Law? Once you know it, you'll see it everywhere. Read this blog to learn more >>…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 4 hours ago

See how power banks can become more reliable with output short-circuit protection:


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 17 hours ago

Turn your drone’s pack into a diagnostic black box for intelligent monitoring capabilities. Learn more:…


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 14 hours ago

What do Pokémon GO, PlayStation VR & Google Home have in common? ADI CEO Vincent Roche discusses the :…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 5 hours ago

Read why this 1st-gen American innovator was honored by for achievement in :


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 10 hours ago

Bizarre FFT results? ADI’s David Buchanan has helpful tips. Learn more via :


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 8 hours ago

ADI's Bruce Pepitas helps find a balance b/w high performance & low power consumption using dynamic power scaling:…