Braddon Van Slyke (@Braddon Van Slyke)

I'm a Software Engineer who enjoys amateur radio (ACØZJ), SDR and DSP. My professional work is all software design/test for (smaller) satellites.

Re: SDR/DSP Question

Reply posted 2 years ago (08/15/2020)
Here's another data point for you to consider - I did something similar two years ago, where I used an LTC5598 baseband modulator, along with a Si5338 clock generator,...

Re: - need help testing it.

Reply posted 2 years ago (07/19/2020)
Hi Stephane,On Dr. Harris' bio page, the sentence "Professor harris..."  his name needs to be capitalized... or maybe not!  I read his bio a bit further and saw...

Re: Writing DSP routines in C or assembly?

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/01/2017)
Analog Devices, I'm sure, provides a number of dsp library routines that can be linked into your C program.  I use mostly TI DSPs, and they provide linkable libraries...

Re: Starting A Sucessfull Independent Engineering Firm

Reply posted 6 years ago (06/21/2016)
If you think you're at a point where you might get some serious work, you probably should look into setting up an LLC as well, and asking around for a good accountant...

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