David Valencia (@David VP)

David studies in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) at México, with a major in Telematics. Interests in signal transmission, telecommunications, encryption and networking. He has worked in several areas, including fuzzy control, signal processing, digital communications, etc.

Discrete Wavelet Transform Filter Bank Implementation (part 2)

David December 5, 20109 comments

Following the previous blog entry: http://www.dsprelated.com/showarticle/115.php

Difference between DWT and DWPT

Before getting to the equivalent filter obtention, I first want to talk about the difference between DWT(Discrete Wavelet Transform) and DWPT (Discrete Wavelet Packet Transform). The latter is used mostly for image processing.

While DWT has a single "high-pass" branch that filters the signal with the h1 filter, the DWPT separates branches symmetricaly: this means that one...

Discrete Wavelet Transform Filter Bank Implementation (part 1)

David October 27, 20101 comment

UPDATE: Added graphs and code to explain the frequency division of the branches

The focus of this article is to briefly explain an implementation of this transform and several filter bank forms. Theoretical information about DWT can be found elsewhere.

First of all, a 'quick and dirty' simplified explanation of the differences between DFT and DWT:

The DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform), simply put, is an operation that receives a signal as an input (a vector of data) and...

Personal presentation and greetings

David October 27, 2010

Hello fellow DSPrelated readers!

First of all, my name is David Valencia, I live in Mexico City and study in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional [IPN] (or National Polytechnic Institute) with a major in Telematic engineering. I'm 21 years old and have interest in telecommunications, signal transmission and networking.

I'm honored with the chance to cooperate with this great community, and I will work hard in order to lend a hand to all you people interested in DSP...

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