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Re: Using noise to increase resolution of ADC

Reply posted 6 days ago (11/22/2021)
Hello,You've been given some good references, to which I'll add one more.  It underscores the need for noise addition, in addition to oversampling (4X for each...

Re: TAS3204 DSP Audio Processing

Reply posted 1 week ago (11/19/2021)
You can start at the TI E2E forums:https://e2e.ti.com/search?q=TAS3204&category=forum
Bravo, good job.  You have your problem resolved, and we have all learned something interesting in the process ;)Best,Robert
Hao,Sounds good, please do share if you are able to generate more rigorous proof.Regards,Robert
Hello,I'm not an expert on this.  But just a brief google search came up with this post, with the most relevant part in the answer at the end, in my view.  Seems...

Re: Audio Signal Filter

Reply posted 3 months ago (08/15/2021)
Hello,If your only goal is to filter, unless it's at something like a 500 K sample rate, most anything will work.  I personally would go arm core with FPU and...

Re: ARM IIR Filter - Why No DAC Output?

Reply posted 4 months ago (07/16/2021)
It's hard to debug code, without digging in for a while.  What I would recommend is creating a circular buffer from some memory block (largest you have free). ...

Re: Fundamental CCS Ti C67x questions

Reply posted 5 months ago (07/09/2021)
Hello,You will need to convert the .out file to binary format, and flash it to your board.  There are tools, and instructions for that.  Start here:http://software-dl.ti.com/trainingTTO/trainingTTO_...You...

Re: FFT spectrum shift after time domain decimation

Reply posted 5 months ago (06/15/2021)
Probably replicating all the fine answers already, but when considering these types of situations, I always remember my golden rule of spectrum analysis:    bin...

Re: Overdriven Sine Wave through DSP Filter

Reply posted 6 months ago (05/28/2021)
I'm not necessarily an expert in these matters, but you'll need to design your bandpass to give sufficient attenuation at +/- 30 Hz, to take out the 70 Hz.  Typically...

Re: Overdriven Sine Wave through DSP Filter

Reply posted 6 months ago (05/28/2021)
Depends on the filter cutoff.  Let's call Fa the square wave fundamental frequency.  If the filter cutoff is between Fa and 2xFa, you'll get a sinusoid back with...

Re: Direct Form II

Reply posted 6 months ago (05/27/2021)
By examination, you can see that the two components making up v(n), i.e. arrows into the summing point, are the input x(n) with the sum of:1) product of -a1 and...

Re: How to test my FFT implementation?

Reply posted 9 months ago (03/07/2021)
Can use sine data (as drmike suggested).  Here's an implementation for filling input data to an FFT, to place a single peak in the bin and amplitude of your choosing: ...

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