Rob Col (@Robmar)

Re: Removing DC and low frequency noise from a spectrum

Reply posted 2 months ago (02/01/2023)
8 years later, this high-pass filter method works well, if I drop alpha to 0.4 the hump disappears as the rest of the freq bin magnitudes increase to the same level....
Interesting, even more so if you would share your work :)  Thanks!
Thanks for that, very useful!!
Thanks for the link, its an interesting post, but too many CPU cycles!
Hi, thanks for your reply, that's interesting!  Maybe it is about the best there is.
I haven't got my head around the varied use of noise injection yet.  Was reading on that in the technique to increases ADC resolution if there was enough noise...
Thanks Tim, that's helpful, I'll give those a try!
Anyone knows the name of this algorithm and a fast and also integer alternative?Int16 Mag(int16 i, int16 q)(If abs(i) > abs(q)  Return abs(i) + abs(q) / 4;Else ...

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