Surya Paruchuri (@SuryaParuchuri)

Firmware/DSP Engineer with acute interest in mathematics.

Re: PHY, L1, Baseband

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/25/2018)
From my understanding, this is what I would say,PHY Layer and L-1 are the identical,      -they deal with the transmission format on Actual medium- how 0,1's...
As, spetcavich pointed typically FFT size is already decided during modem design. But would be interested to know how your blind demodulation turns out.

Re: Using stored channel for decoding data

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/08/2018)
Hi Cogwsn,If the channel is static, then the coherence time is ideally infinite ( or atleast as long as it stays the same in your case). Channel estimation should...

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