Msc student in Signal Processing Experiencie in robotics, mechanics and audio signal processing.

Yes, the problem of localization is solved.Thank you for the tips. So, as far as I can see, the information about the difference between main and secondary peaks...
For the given example, I'm using 10 sensors in Linear Configuration. One of them is the reference for the TDOA calculations. The image below describes the situation...
Fellow colleagues, I'm currently working on Multiple Moving Sound Sources Localization. However, I'm also having some issues choosing the best "metric" in order...

Re: Moving Sound Source Database for SSL

Reply posted 1 year ago (06/14/2021)
I very much appreciate your help. I'm actually working with mic array. This challenge and the dataset are both quite interesting.

Moving Sound Source Database for SSL

New thread started 1 year ago
Dear colleagues,I've been working in Sound Source Localization and Tracking for over a year. However, I still need a good dataset that can provide not only real...

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