James Barber (@audiomath)

Retired audio engineer, currently doing EE and embedded firmware/software work to pay for stale bread and brackish water. Have had some success with audio DSP, mostly from dumb luck and the inability to admit defeat.


Reply posted 6 years ago (06/06/2018)
Close!RTA's display per-octave energy in bands, spectrum analyzers normally display the magnitude of a FFT bin. Lots of them, actually :-)So in effect, you're...


Reply posted 6 years ago (06/05/2018)
Not much time for a complete answer, but in a nutshell the issue has to do with power density.Pink noise will show as "flat" on a properly-designed RTA. White noise...

Re: Digital lock in amplifier on FPGA

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/30/2018)
Sorry, I think I misunderstood your question.If I'm reading this right, you want to (A) generate two signals using DDS, and (B) you're trying to characterize the...

Re: Digital lock in amplifier on FPGA

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/30/2018)
What kind of performance are you expecting? (for example in dB/octave)Sometimes a PLL loop filter can be very simple, sometimes not. It depends on your requirements....

Re: DSP diagramming software?

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/16/2018)
Thanks, everyone for all the answers. I like Rick's best of all. :-)At this point, I'm considering the app "MyDraw", and a symbol library from http://www.paulherber.co.uk/visio-electronics/If...

DSP diagramming software?

New thread started 6 years ago
What software do you use for creating those nice DSP diagrams?I normally use a bitmap editor to scratch them out, and the results are less than perfect. Years ago...

Re: Low power dsp chip

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/13/2018)
Hard to say without more information, but I'll guess you probably won't find one.1mA @ 1.3V (for example) is only 1.3mW! Again for example, TI's C5000 series 16-bit...

Re: Adding 45 degrees phase shift to a FIR bandpass

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/10/2018)
Rick,This thread is ancient, but I'd like to revisit it:One thing that has prevented me from implementing a SSB demodulator as above is the usable lower frequency...

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