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Re: RLS Algorithm (Memoryless)

Reply posted 4 years ago (12/14/2017)
About the first point,We can actually do away with it by multiplying and dividing the gain vector by lambda. (Just noticed)

Re: RLS Algorithm (Memoryless)

Reply posted 4 years ago (12/14/2017)
First of all I thank you very much for taking your valuable time out and answering the quest.As a matter of fact, that is what I exactly thought and it looks so...

RLS Algorithm (Memoryless)

New thread started 4 years ago
Hi all,I have been studying the adaptive filters lately and now when I am at RLS (Recursive Least Squar) Algorithm I came across the term used in the weighting function...

Re: IIR filters

Reply posted 4 years ago (11/29/2017)
I per my understanding, FIR filters are used when there is a concern of group delay (like in Audio applications), because of their linear relationship with phase...

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