Ruchik Yajnik (@imakeathepi)

Student in medical computing. Working on DSP for my master thesis.

Re: Enhancing multivariate signals

Reply posted 6 years ago (09/17/2017)
sdagt.xlsxI guess 'enhance' would not be the right choice of words but what I have are scaled data from the aforementioned sensor with a timestamp. The goal is to...

Enhancing multivariate signals

New thread started 6 years ago
I have a set of multivariate signals from an MPU6050 sensor which has three axes for accelerometer measurements and three for gyroscopic measurements (all in X,...

Interest Point Detection

New thread started 6 years ago
I have three sensors, an MPU6050 (6 DoF sensor), FSR400 (force sensor) and an audio sensor. I am interested in finding the points of interest within these signals...

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