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Naval Architect, Technical University Delft, faculty of structural mechanics, noise and vibration. Working at MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) since 1992. Specific role to match operational "problems" on board ships with qualification / quantification approaches using data acquisition and data analysis tools. (waves, motions, structural loads, fatigue, vibrations, noise) I am well into maritime operations, structural physics and mechanics. Mathematics insight is fair but actual fluency could be a lot better. Have an elementary understanding of analog electronics, long time experience with embedded digital systems,

Re: Spread Sinc (ssinc) filter

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/03/2018)
Hi there,Just to be sure...   Pgs 26/27 of the datasheet refer to the transfer function of the various implemented filters.  Both the sync and spread sync filter. ...
Hi,For what it is worth find comment below...I happened to have the spec sheet for the MPU9250 lying around.  The accelerometer and gyro parts are quite similar...

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