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Master Degree in Automatics and Electronics from MFTI PhD in physics from MFTI Engineer in Russian Central Institute for Space Research Senior Engineer in TELUS Communications Inc (Canada)

Re: Using noise to increase resolution of ADC

Reply posted 3 years ago (11/23/2021)
does it mean that if in SDR radio I sample output of quadrature detector with 16bit ADC at 48kHz, then downsample and average to 12kHz, I increase sensitivity in...
Probably tone filters with envelope detectors, on the intermediate frequency, would work in this case.
Random hopping is happening with the constant rate, which is 20 kHz in my example.I don't have sampling rate for now, I consider the analog RF signal, as generated...
Yes, it reminds me kFSK, where k is the number of frequencies, 16 in my example F0 + [500:300:5000] . There is a lot of theory about 16FSK, but no information on...
I have a device, which transmits a signal of constant amplitude, and a frequency, chaotically hopping over predefined set of frequencies. For example: F0+500 F0+800 ......

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