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Degree of "Diplomingenieur Elektrotechnik" (equiv. master of electical engineering) from Technical University Munich, Germany Worked mainly in electronic and software design, embedded systems (for railway braking, solar heating and photovoltaics, industrial measurement and control) Now retired, but still interested in DSP, Verilog design and simulation, designing Forth-style control systems

Re: Test PLL against step change in phase

Reply posted 8 years ago (07/18/2016)
Sorry I do not know what language or system this code is for. I guess (and hope) that by functions "find" and "ones" (not shown or predefined?) "theta" is made to...
Measurements, like Sound Pressure Level, expressed in dB always depend on their reference value, here p[sub]0. As this wikipedia link shows, the notation "dB SPL" uses...

Re: PID Video

Reply posted 8 years ago (05/05/2016)
Ok, there was nothing I did not know before, but the intro and demonstration were both impressive.Good job.Klaus

Re: Goertzel filter with decay?

Reply posted 8 years ago (03/29/2016)
Hi Michael,being quite new to dsp, I just happen to have stumbled over Goertzel like you. As I have learned for my application: I get a sequence of samples - just...

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