Over four years of total working experiences in R&D organizations like Ittiam systems and Broadcom Communications. Worked in design and development of baseband processing algorithms for WLAN PHY 802.11 a/g/n/ac. Currently pursuing graduate studies in Signal Processing and Communication at Arizona State University

Re: Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation under AWGN

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/19/2017)
This is a very common problem. This is called residual frequency offset and is typically estimated using pilots in data symbols or using a technique known as "Decision...

Re: LTE Downlink TX understanding

Reply posted 4 years ago (09/24/2016)
In an OFDM system, data is modulated using a set of orthogonal frequencies. These orthogonal frequencies are referred to as subcarriers or FFT(or IFFT) bins. We...

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