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Welcome to ! has been around since 1999 and has become over the years the most popular independent internet resource for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engineers around the world.
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Most Popular DSP Code Snippets

Computing FFT Twiddle Factors
by Rick Lyons |
This text, figures, and code snippet are also available in downloadable PDF format Typical applic...

Saving a Matlab figure to file using command-line
by |
Once again, this is another example that Matlab does weird things with its figure window.  If y...

Discrete Haar Wavelet Transform
by |
See article at for the theory....

Fitting Filters to Measured Amplitude Response Data Using invfreqz in Matlab
by Julius Orion Smith III |
In the 1980s I wrote the matlab function invfreqz that implements a fast (FFT-based) equation-error ...

Adding a Controlled Amount of Noise to a Noise-Free Signal
by Rick Lyons |
The following gives two snippets of Matlab code. The first snippet is a function whose inputs are: (...

Echo Filter
by Miguel De Jesus |
An Audio Echo Filter is an FIR filter that repeats a sound after a given Delay attenuating the repet...

Zero Crossing Counter
by |
In some DSP applications, it can be very helpful to know how many times your signal has crossed the ...

Computing the Nth Roots of a Number
by Rick Lyons |
In Matlab when we want to compute the square root of a number we use the 'sqrt()' command. For exa...

Peak/Notch Filter Design
by |
This function will generate the coefficients for a single IIR biquad that is a "peak/notch" design.&...

Generate ideal QPSK..64QAM symbol error rates (reference result)
by Markus Nentwig |
Calculates the symbol error rate of QPSK/16QAM/64QAM/256QAM/1024QAM modulation for additive white Ga...

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DSP Discussion Groups

Max/Min of continuous signal
by Detlef _A in Comp.DSP on Nov 27 2014
Group, I sample a bandlimited signal satisfying Nyquist. How can I get the maximum/minimum of the... Max/Min of continuous signal

Transform filter type
by Max in Comp.DSP on Nov 27 2014
I understand that it's possible to create a minimum phase FIR filter by transforming a linear phase... Transform filter type

impulse response
by mite_learner in Comp.DSP on Nov 27 2014
Hi, I am using MATLAB. How can I compute the impulse response of a system that involves future ou... impulse response

levinson durbin
by 22139 in Comp.DSP on Nov 26 2014
I was trying to implement Linear Predictive Coding in Matlab. The program I wrote for Levinson Algor... levinson durbin

63Hz bandpass filter to remove dithering and other noise
by Vicsafric in Comp.DSP on Nov 26 2014
I have very little DSP experience and knowledge. If you are irritated by newbies and possible dumb q... 63Hz bandpass filter to remove dithering and other noise

Single Sideband modulation using QAM64
by ipruzhinin in Comp.DSP on Nov 26 2014
Hi All! It's clear how to build system when some real signal (1st real sequence) goes to input of... Single Sideband modulation using QAM64

Range and DOA estimation of Broadband Nearfield Sources
by satish1284 in Comp.DSP on Nov 24 2014
Hello All, I am currently working on Range and DOA estimation of broadband near field sources.If ... Range and DOA estimation of Broadband Nearfield Sources

Interesting question on sci.engr.control
by Tim Wescott in Comp.DSP on Nov 24 2014
Title says it -- there's an interesting and on-topic question on the usually-moribund sci.engr.con... Interesting question on sci.engr.control

by in Comp.DSP on Nov 21 2014
How to design a fir filter in matlab just using the discrete equation? Can anyone give me a code? ... FIR FILTER

by Mauritz Jameson in Comp.DSP on Nov 20 2014
I downloaded the P.863 POLQA source code from the ITU website. As far as I can see there is no guid... POLQA (ITU P863)

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