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Rick Lyons's Blog

Richard Lyons is a Contracting Systems Engineer and Lecturer at Besser Associates, Mountain View, Calif. He has written over 30 articles and conference papers on DSP topics, and authored's top selling DSP book "Understanding Digital Signal Processing, 3rd Ed.". He served as an Associate Editor at IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, for nine years, where he created and edited the "DSP Tips & Tricks" column. Lyons is the editor of, and contributor to, the book "Streamlining Digital Signal Processing-A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook, 2nd Ed." (Wiley & Sons, 2012).
Latest Posts:
| | Sum of Two Equal-Frequency Sinusoids | Comments (0) |
| | The DFT Magnitude of a Real-valued Cosine Sequence | Comments (1) |
| | Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC | Comments (2) |
| | A Remarkable Bit of DFT Trivia | Comments (3) |
| | Computing Translated Frequencies in Digitizing and Downsampling Analog Bandpass Signals | Comments (1) |
| | Goertzel Algorithm for a Non-integer Frequency Index | Comments (0) |
| | Is It True That j is Equal to the Square Root of -1 ? | Comments (4) |
| | A Table of Digital Frequency Notation | Comments (0) |
| | A Quadrature Signals Tutorial: Complex, But Not Complicated | Comments (5) |
| | Beat Notes: An Interesting Observation | Comments (6) |

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Christopher Felton's Blog

Christopher Felton's current favorite projects are implementing DSP digital circuits with MyHDL for FPGAs. More information @ LinkedIn.

Latest Posts:
| | The wheels go round and round, round and round ... | Comments (0) |
| | Python scipy.signal IIR Filtering: An Example | Comments (0) |
| | Python scipy.signal IIR Filter Design Cont. | Comments (7) |
| | Python scipy.signal IIR Filter Design | Comments (4) |
| | Curse you, iPython Notebook! | Comments (4) |
| | scipy.signal calling all developers | Comments (2) |
| | [Book Review] Numpy 1.5 Beginner's Guide | Comments (0) |
| | Python number crunching faster? Part I | Comments (4) |
| | Impulse Response Approximation | Comments (3) |
| | A Fixed-Point Introduction by Example | Comments (13) |

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Markus Nentwig's Blog

Markus received his Dipl. Ing. degree in electrical engineering / communications in 1999. Work interests include RF transceiver system design, implementation, modeling and verification. He works as senior architect for Renesas Mobile Europe in Finland.
Latest Posts:
| | Spline interpolation | Comments (2) |
| | Signed serial-/parallel multiplication | Comments (0) |
| | Shared-multiplier polyphase FIR filter | Comments (4) |
| | Noise shaping | Comments (0) |
| | 'z' as in 'Zorro': Frequency Masking FIR | Comments (0) |
| | FIR sideways (interpolator polyphase decomposition) | Comments (9) |
| | Design of an anti-aliasing filter for a DAC | Comments (0) |
| | TCP/IP interface (Matlab/Octave) | Comments (8) |
| | Weighted least-squares FIR with shared coefficients | Comments (0) |
| | Instant CIC | Comments (3) |

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Stephane Boucher's Blog

Stephane is a DSP engineer and the publisher of, and
Latest Posts:
| | DSP Related Math: Nice Animated GIFs | Comments (1) |
| | DSPRelated and EmbeddedRelated now on Facebook & I will be at EE Live! | Comments (8) |
| | Collaborative Writing Experiment: Your Favorite DSP Websites | Comments (0) |
| | DSPRelated Finally on Twitter! | Comments (2) |
| | Two jobs | Comments (23) |
| | Do you like the new Comments System? | Comments (4) |
| | DSP Papers, Articles, Theses, etc | Comments (1) |
| | Code Snippets Suggestions | Comments (5) |
| | Latest DSP Books | Comments (0) |
| | Code Snippets Section Now LIVE | Comments (1) |

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Jason Sachs's Blog

Jason has 17 years of experience in signal conditioning (both analog + digital) in motion control + medical applications. He likes making things spin.
Latest Posts:
| | Understanding and Preventing Overflow (I Had Too Much to Add Last Night) | Comments (0) |
| | Signal Processing Contest in Python (PREVIEW): The Worst Encoder in the World | Comments (3) |

Tim Wescott's Blog

Tim Wescott is the owner of Wescott Design Services. He specializes in pragmatic methods to apply control theory to embedded systems projects. Mr. Wescott teaches and consults in the area of control systems, with occasional digressions into communications systems. He is the author of Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems, plus numerous magazine and on-line articles.
Latest Posts:
| | Finding the Best Optimum | Comments (0) |
| | Of Forests and Trees and DSP | Comments (2) |

Kyle Kastner's Blog

Kyle Kastner is an engineer at Southwest Research Institute, and a graduate student at the University of Texas - San Antonio. His research interests include statistical signal processing, machine learning, and acoustics. He also enjoys playing music in his spare moments.
Latest Posts:
| | Polyphase Filters and Filterbanks | Comments (8) |

Eric Jacobsen's Blog

Eric Jacobsen is CEO/CTO of Anchor Hill Communications, providing consulting, engineering services and solutions for digital communication systems. His work includes R&D on signal processing algorithms, architectures, and systems at Abineau Communications, Intel's Radio Communications Laboratory, EFData/California Microwave, Honeywell, and Goodyear Aerospace, among others. He spent a lot of time in IEEE 802 standards learning schmoozing, politics, and Robert's Rules of Order.
Latest Posts:
| | Frequency-Domain Periodicity and the Discrete Fourier Transform | Comments (0) |
| | Time-Domain Periodicity and the Discrete Fourier Transform | Comments (0) |
| | Understanding and Relating Eb/No, SNR, and other Power Efficiency Metrics | Comments (2) |
| | Some Observations on Comparing Efficiency in Communication Systems | Comments (0) |
| | Frequency Dependence in Free Space Propagation | Comments (5) |
| | Pulse Shaping in Single-Carrier Communication Systems | Comments (30) |
| | Handling Spectral Inversion in Baseband Processing | Comments (4) |

Sami Al Dalahmah's Blog

Sami received a BSc in EE in 2006 form Jordan University and worked as a hardware design and verification engineer. Received an MSc in DSP from King's College London with distinction in 2007. Joined Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in 2008 as a spectrum planning engineer. Currently perusing PhD in Leeds University in signal processing for wireless sensor networks.
Latest Posts:
| | Engineering the Statistics | Comments (2) |
| | Why is Fourier transform broken | Comments (2) |
| | More free Ebooks | Comments (2) |
| | ICASSP 2011 conference lectures online (for free) | Comments (0) |
| | FREE Peer-reviewed IEEE signal processing courses | Comments (1) |
| | DSP Algorithm Implementation: A Comprehensive Approach | Comments (7) |
| | We are famous!! | Comments (2) |
| | State Space Representation and the State of Engineering Thinking | Comments (2) |
| | Knowledge Mine for Embedded Systems | Comments (1) |
| | Hidden Linear Algebra in DSP | Comments (4) |

Manuel Herrera's Blog

Manuel has a degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of LaSalle Bajio in Mexico. He has participated in research projects in image analysis algorithms for the Advanced Research in Technology Center. He was honored as a member of the University’s Academy of Mathematics, contributing in algorithms and analysis of AC circuits.
Latest Posts:
| | Implementing a full-duplex UART using the TMS320VC33 serial port | Comments (2) |

Gabriel Rivas's Blog

Gabriel Rivas received a BSc in Electrical Engineering at the Technological University of Panama, republic of Panama in 2006. He has worked as embedded software engineer for about 5 years. As a hobby musician he enjoys doing DSP for audio processing.
Latest Posts:
| | How to build a test environment for audio DSP code in C using GNU/Linux | Comments (2) |

David Valencia's Blog

David studies in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) at México, with a major in Telematics. Interests in signal transmission, telecommunications, encryption and networking. He has worked in several areas, including fuzzy control, signal processing, digital communications, etc.
Latest Posts:
| | Discrete Wavelet Transform Filter Bank Implementation (part 2) | Comments (8) |
| | Discrete Wavelet Transform Filter Bank Implementation (part 1) | Comments (0) |
| | Personal presentation and greetings | Comments (0) |

Lyons Zhang's Blog

Digital intermediate frequency process,multirate signal processing for communication systems especially repeater. He is a fan of Rick Lyons.
Latest Posts:
| | Half-band filter on Xilinx FPGA | Comments (5) |

Julius Orion Smith III's Blog

Julius Smith's background is in electrical engineering (BS Rice 1975, PhD Stanford 1983). He is presently Professor of Music and (by courtesy) of Electrical Engineering at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), teaching courses and pursuing research related to signal processing applied to music and audio systems. See for details.
Latest Posts:
| | Fitting Filters to Measured Amplitude Response Data Using invfreqz in Matlab | Comments (1) |
| | Music/Audio Signal Processing | Comments (6) |

Seth Benton's Blog

Seth is a DSP engineer/technical writer with interest in DSP for the arts. He graduated with an MS in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University (signal processing emphasis), and earned a BS in Audio Engineering from the University of Miami. He is currently enjoying freelancing and having time to blog.
Latest Posts:
| | Accelerating Matlab DSP Code on the GPU | Comments (2) |
| | Googling: a now-required skill | Comments (0) |

Shehrzad Qureshi's Blog

Shehrzad Qureshi is an experienced DSP consultant who has worked in the defense, medical imaging, life sciences, & telecommunications industries. He is the author of Embedded Image Processing on the TMS320C6000 DSP (Springer, 2005) and the inventor or co-inventor on multiple patents spanning a gamut of technical fields. More information can be found at
Latest Posts:
| | OpenCV for DSP/GPU, MSDN equivalent for CCS, and more | Comments (7) |
| | Random GPGPU Musings | Comments (0) |
| | GPGPU DSP | Comments (1) |

Anthony Ricke's Blog

Anthony is an Algorithms Engineer in the Diagnostic Cardiology department at GE Healthcare. He graduated with a Masters in Computing with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence from Marquette University in 2006. He has 17 years of experience in creating software that simplifies people's lives, and he has been working in algorithm research and development for the past four years.
Latest Posts:
| | Unit Testing for Embedded Algorithms | Comments (0) |

Duraisamy Sundararajan's Blog

Dr Sundararajan holds a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He is the author of several DSP books and a dsp consultant. He jointly holds a U.S, a Canadian, and a British patent on DFT algorithms.
Latest Posts:
| | On the History of the DFT (fft) Algorithms | Comments (17) |

Peter Kootsookos's Blog

Peter Kootsookos has worked in a mixture of academic research and commercial interests in Australia, Ireland, and the United States. His DSP interests are in estimation, filtering and extraction of information from images and video.
Latest Posts:
| | Deesspee #5 | Comments (1) |
| | The Nature of Circles | Comments (3) |
| | Correlation without pre-whitening is often misleading | Comments (9) |

Andor Bariska's Blog

Andor Bariska works as researcher, project manager and consultant on Technical Systems and Signal Processing at the Institute of Data Analysis and Process Design of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. He is experienced in algorithm development for signal processing systems and successfully completing advanced software and research projects.
Latest Posts:
| | Time Machine, Anyone? | Comments (6) |

Steve Smith's Blog

Steve Smith specializes in developing novel imaging systems for medical, security, and industrial applications. His interests include: digital signal processing, analog electronics, x-ray physics and sensory systems. Dr. Smith is the author of "The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing," freely distributed over the internet in electronic form. For the last ten years he has been the president and technical director of Spectrum San Diego, Inc., a research and development group specializing in imaging and instrumentation systems.
Latest Posts:
| | Benford's law solved with DSP | Comments (7) |
| | Waveforms that are their own Fourier Transform | Comments (11) |
| | An Interesting Fourier Transform - 1/f Noise | Comments (9) |

Parth Vakil's Blog

Parth is an Electrical Engineer at Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. He graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in DSP from University of Maryland. He has been working in the field of communications, networks and signal processing for the last 5 years.
Latest Posts:
| | Instantaneous Frequency Measurement | Comments (20) |
| | Modelling a Noisy Communication Signal in MATLAB for the Analog to Digital Conversion Process | Comments (14) |
| | Hello and Introduction | Comments (2) |

Praveen Raghavan's Blog

Praveen is a PhD researcher at IMEC vzw in Belgium. He is also a PhD candidate at KULeuven in Electrical Engineering, Belgium. He works in the area of digital signal processor design for low power Software Defined Radio. He received his master in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University, USA and before which he received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from REC, Trichy, India. Praveen's interests include processor design, compilers for DSP, low power, system design. | Personal website
Latest Posts:
| | SDR: Does it makes sense? Part 1/2 | Comments (1) |
| | TI goes the Open Source way! | Comments (7) |
| | ES Week Emphasis on Component Based Design | Comments (0) |
| | Software Defined Radio at SAMOS | Comments (3) |

Prabindh Sundareson's Blog

Prabindh Sundareson is a Senior Design Engineer with the Portable Audio & Video Group, at Texas Instruments, Bangalore. He is the current secretary of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, Bangalore Chapter. He holds 3 patents, and has several pending at the USPTO. He holds a Masters degree in Electronics from Indian Institute of Science. His interests lie in Audio compression algorithms, Signal transforms, Content classification, and security in embedded systems. In his free time, he tends to read Patent Law.
Latest Posts:
| | Components in Audio recognition - Part 1 | Comments (6) |

Mike Dunn's Blog

Mike has over 30 years of direct involement with embedded systems like communication controllers, mainframe and minicomputer peripheral controllers, custom minicomputers, microcontrollers and DSPs. His role in these systems has included hardware, microcode, firmware, and software for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500. Mike also enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others.
Latest Posts:
| | Resolving 'Can't initialize target CPU' on TI C6000 DSPs - Part 2 | Comments (3) |
| | Resolving 'Can't initialize target CPU' on TI C6000 DSPs - Part 1 | Comments (14) |
| | Embedded TMS320C6000 Information Kick Off | Comments (2) |

Jeff Brower's Blog

Jeff's engineering management and design experience includes products and systems in the areas of communications, oil exploration, defense electronics, space exploration, telecom, control systems, acoustic/audio algorithms, and industrial automation. He is a system architect and designer, as well as expert at software, hardware, and logic design, and a range of programming languages and operating systems. Jeff is president & CEO of Signalogic.
Latest Posts:
| | TI DSP Predictions | Comments (5) |
| | The Freshers Interview Guide | Comments (20) |