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With respect to the previously published precursor of this book [79], I would like to again express appreciation to John Strawn for his thorough editing assistance, and to Andy Schloss, David Jaffe, Andy Moorer, Janet Coursey, and Ken Shoemake for their helpful proofreading and suggestions. More recently, thanks to Vivian Woo and Matt Wright for especially helpful reviewing assistance, and to Mark Cartwright, Ryan Cassidy, Humane Chan, Nick Dargahi, David Gelbart, Peter Howard, Thomas Icking, Tim Janik, Christian Keil, Moonseok Kim, Arvindh Krishnaswamy, Andrew Leary, Dong In Lee, Poliang Lin, Gautham Mysore, Jim Murphy, Juhan Nam, John Nolting, Carlos Pita, Mathew Romaine, Volker Schatz, Andrew Simper, Lee Soulsby, Sook Young Won, and Larry Wu, for reporting errata they encountered in the earlier draft versions of this book.

The support of the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation during my graduate student years--when [79] was written--is gratefully acknowledged. Finally, the present version would not exist at all without the support of my wife Carol and son Harrison (who made sure I took plenty of breaks along the way $ (\stackrel{\mbox{.\,.}}{\smile})$).

Julius Smith
September, 2007

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