Forums Update, Tips and Tricks - Please Read!

Started by stephaneb 8 months ago4 replieslatest reply 6 months ago363 views
It's been a few months since the launch of the new forums.  Here are a few thoughts. The thumbsup and beer buttons    If there is one thing that could have a...

High-Speed Applications for Digital Closed-Loop Controllers ?

Started by MixedSignal 1 week ago5 replieslatest reply 1 hour ago56 views
I am interested to know what might be the applications for high-speed digital closed-loop controllers, by which I mean sample-rates of 2Msps and higher ?My own pet...

Digital Microphone Testing

Started by andrewstanfordjason 2 days ago4 replieslatest reply 2 days ago53 views
Hello, I am writing some manufacture tests for digital microphones (an array of) attached to a PCB. I want to verify that they are 1) producing valid audio without...

What is the meaning of Structure in Constructor function?

Started by runinrainy 5 days ago2 replieslatest reply 4 days ago79 views
Hello,In Object-Oriented Programming methodology, construction function is used to assign the data to the object variables. But in the following Matlab code, there...

Estimating SNR without windowing

Started by dres 5 days ago10 replieslatest reply 5 days ago74 views
I've come across several wonderful algorithms for estimating the parameters of a complex tone in noise (ex. Macleod, Jacobsen, Flat Top window, etc), that I've simulated...

simple and accurate phase estimation of harmonics in a signal?

Started by all4dsp 1 week ago16 replieslatest reply 5 days ago94 views
I'm trying to model each of the harmonics of a fundamental carrier as a sine wave with an accurate amplitude and phase.I know certain windows can be used to...

Removing frequency components and reconstruct time domain signal.

Started by AMARTANSH 2 weeks ago8 replieslatest reply 1 week ago95 views
1.jpgI have attached the Power spectral density of my underwater noise data (Sampling rate =...

complex exponential - what Am I missing?

Started by Sharan123 1 week ago6 replieslatest reply 1 week ago95 views
The following is from Wikipedia - is what I get...

TMS320DM642: receive DSP to Host interrupt repeatedly and unsuccessful to deassert it

Started by cucu 2 weeks ago2 replieslatest reply 1 week ago24 views
Hello,I have a custom PCI board based on TMS320DM642...

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