Forums Update, Tips and Tricks - Please Read!

Started by stephaneb 3 years ago10 replieslatest reply 6 months ago1229 views
It's been a few months since the launch of the new forums.  Here are a few thoughts. The thumbsup and beer buttons    If there is one thing that could have a...

Advice for FM Demodulation Techniques

Started by GregLapin 2 days ago13 replieslatest reply 2 days ago104 views
I'm looking for advice on the best way to perform FM Demodulation.Most methods I've found work with baseband FM signals.I have a quadrature FM signal that is modulated...

How to obtain impulse response of a room acoustics

Started by WestRace 4 days ago11 replieslatest reply 2 days ago114 views
This may be a broad question, but I am trying to understand how to obtain an impulse response of a room acoustics.  I am fairly familiar with DSP, FIR, and the...

Running Sum filter

Started by Adira 6 days ago12 replieslatest reply 2 days ago134 views
Hello,I implemented running sum filter In FPGA.  Input width(IW) is 8 and the log(based two) of the maximum number of averages(LGMEM) is 14. The output/accumulator...

Expect Downtime

Started by stephaneb 7 days ago14 replieslatest reply 2 days ago144 views
Edit #1 01/19 10:12am: well, false start with the new host.  Their migration team was supposed to help me through the process this morning but I am not hearing...

New Embedded Online Conference website, need your help testing it.

Started by stephaneb 4 days ago14 replieslatest reply 3 days ago120 views
Together with my friend Jacob Beningo, we have been working hard lately on putting together a platform to hold online conferences:https://www.embeddedonlineconference.comBefore...

Impulse response of CIC filter

Started by ChuckMcM 1 week ago7 replieslatest reply 3 days ago97 views
So this is a curious one. I am continuing investigating #CIC filters now that I have run @Rick Lyons tests and proven to myself that they are now correctly implemented....

Need tutorial information on 8VSB modulation

Started by Rick Lyons 5 days ago4 replieslatest reply 4 days ago73 views
Hi. I've been trying to learn the technical details of 8VSB modulation (and demodulation) used in North America's digital television broadcasts.  But the only material...

Moving average filter using Blockram

Started by Adira 2 months ago17 replieslatest reply 5 days ago133 views
Hello, I am trying to implement moving average filter using block ram. I have to filter the output of ADC. Sampling frequency of 8 bit ADC is 1.5Mhz. The ENOB for...

Back online - Migration done

Started by stephaneb 6 days ago1 replylatest reply 5 days ago85 views
It looks like the migration went well.  I found a couple of errors but solved them quickly.  I will continue to do some testing to make sure that everything is...

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