Forums Update, Tips and Tricks - Please Read!

Started by stephaneb 5 years ago12 replieslatest reply 5 months ago1715 views
It's been a few months since the launch of the new forums.  Here are a few thoughts. The thumbsup and beer buttons    If there is one thing that could have a...

Nyquist frequency & odd even FFT

Started by kaz 2 weeks ago17 replieslatest reply 2 weeks ago140 views
Hi All,I came to realise something odd about Nyquist frequency (a bit late though).When I generate it, it comes out only real. So I expected it to mirror around...

RF Sampling using a 3 dB hybrid to generate I & Q

Started by mrberman87 2 weeks ago4 replieslatest reply 2 weeks ago71 views
I know that a 3 dB hybrid can generate a 0 degree and 90 degree output ports.  Can I sample these two ports synchronized in time to generate my I & Q signals?...

Modulation in laser satellite communication

Started by Adilko 4 weeks ago7 replieslatest reply 2 weeks ago85 views
In small satellite communication technique we can use optical spectrum (optical (laser) communication system). The common and simplest modulation techniques used...

FYI, Article on optical computation

Started by Cedron 3 weeks ago1 replylatest reply 3 weeks ago76 views
Light computes any desired linear transform without a digital processor Kinda cool.

Complex IF

Started by maxplus 4 weeks ago20 replieslatest reply 4 weeks ago153 views
HelloI am building up a RF transceiver using integrated up/down converter chip.This particular chip requires a complex Intermediate Frequency as inputs for up conversion...

Frequency offset estimation for the real signal OFDM

Started by Frank_os 1 month ago3 replieslatest reply 1 month ago84 views
I asked the question about to recover signal from the real part of IFFT OFDM system before,Recover signal from the real part of IFFT.thanks for the responses from...

How to convert SNR to Eb/N0 in Chirp Spread Spectrum communications

Started by AndreaGabe 1 month ago2 replieslatest reply 1 month ago104 views
I'm simulating a Binary Orthognal Chirp Keying communication system in Matlab, with AWGN channel.Basically I'm sending the bit 0  by transmitting a down-chirp C0[n] ...

Connecting a commercially available DSP to SigmaStudio?

Started by InnovationAudio 2 months ago10 replieslatest reply 1 month ago89 views
I'd like to add an upmixer software module to an existing commercially available DSP (Car Audio) with a Sharc chip. I see the Jtag header on the circuit board...

Can you find the illegal step?

Started by Rick Lyons 2 months ago10 replieslatest reply 2 months ago162 views
Can you find the illegal step in the following silly proof? Given: a=b$$ a^2=ab$$$$a^2-b^2 = ab-b^2$$$$(a+b)(a-b)=b(a-b)$$$$a+b = b$$$$b+b=b$$$$2b=b$$

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