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Matlab listing: clipdb.m

The clipdb() function prevents the log magnitude of a signal from being too large and negative. (See §J.11 for an example usage.)

function [clipped] = clipdb(s,cutoff)
% [clipped] = clipdb(s,cutoff)
% Clip magnitude of s at its maximum + cutoff in dB.
% Example: clip(s,-100) makes sure the minimum magnitude
% of s is not more than 100dB below its maximum magnitude.
% If s is zero, nothing is done.

clipped = s;
as = abs(s);
mas = max(as(:));
if mas==0, return; end
if cutoff >= 0, return; end
thresh = mas*10^(cutoff/20); % db to linear
toosmall = find(as < thresh);
clipped = s;
clipped(toosmall) = thresh;

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