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Former EE (hardware design) turned community college professor.

@Rick_Lyons and @jms_nh,Very good suggestions.  Here are a couple more (from my unread pile):Gamma, Exploring Euler's Constant, ISBN 9780691178103The Mystery of...
Rick,I loved this book (mine is the leftmost edition pictured in your informative post).  Yeah, SQRT(-1) is to be avoided but this book is written in a very conversation...

Re: An Oddball Electrical Engineering Question

Reply posted 6 years ago (09/12/2017)
If fact, the electric field strength value might be even higher.  Consider the gate oxide thickness within a modern (i.e. 2016, 22nm) process [1].  This is a...

Re: Why do we want an amplifier to be linear?

Reply posted 6 years ago (01/31/2017)
"There is also no saturation point, therefore linear amplifiers would probably have an increased efficiency compared to nonlinear amplifiers. "Many linear amplifier...

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