Laurent KOPP (@LKopp)

Signal and Array Processing for Acoustic applications (sonar, medical imaging)

Re: Sigma-delta DAC or delta-sigma DAC?

Reply posted 1 year ago (05/26/2023)
To my knowledge both are familiar but Delta-Sigma seems more matched to the functional description of the convertor (make a difference and then average for spectral...
HelloThe sinc(x)=sin(x)/x goes to 1 when x goes to 0... sin(x) and x both goes to 0 but the ratio does not. When x is small sin(x) is equivalent to x-x³/6 so the...
I don't know this book either...But the figure is indeed confusingThe Sinc function (of m) should peak at m=k, as it does, because the cosine has k periods in the...

Re: Curve Modelling

Reply posted 4 years ago (02/01/2020)
Hello Groger, I am not sure to fully appreciate your problem and probably the previous answers would do the job nicely, but what strikes me is that you have a family...

Re: Carrier doppler shift and Signal doppler shift

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/19/2019)
Hello..As I see it:A Doppler shifted signal is a time compressed version of the original signal: if S(t) is emitted S(at) is received, where a=1-v/c approximately.Now...

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