Michael Norris (@Mnorris)

I am a lecturer in composition and sonic arts at the New Zealand School of Music. I have programmed a suite of digital sound processing plugins using real-time FFT routines.

Re: Steepest-slope 2nd-order resonant filter?

Reply posted 6 years ago (11/01/2016)
Thanks everyone for your help. In the end, a standard biquad BPF using the RBJ cookbook worked. For some reason that eludes me, I wasn't getting the right degree...

Re: Goertzel filter with decay?

Reply posted 6 years ago (11/01/2016)
Just to let you know that in the end a standard biquad BPF did the trick, using RBJ's cookbook. When I initially posted this query, my biquad code wasn't working...

Steepest-slope 2nd-order resonant filter?

New thread started 6 years ago
Hi thereI'm trying to reverse engineer a nice resonant filter that INA-GRM released commercially as a VST plug-in back in the '90s. According to their documentation...

Re: Goertzel filter with decay?

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/12/2016)
Hi everyone — thanks for your input.I modified the Goertzel algorithm by adding the following decay terms to the coefficients (which I think makes it a standard...

Re: Goertzel filter with decay?

Reply posted 7 years ago (06/15/2016)
Thanks so much for that. I'm a bit rough in my conversions of transfer functions to direct form, but am I right in thinking that would convert to the following?y[n]...

Goertzel filter with decay?

New thread started 7 years ago
Hi thereI'm trying to recreate a high-Q, second-order band pass filter that was popularized in the 1990s in the GRM Tools Reson plug-in. I recently discovered the...

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