Sarabeth Mullins (@Sarabeth)

Early career researcher with background in audio-visual systems design and acoustic consulting, currently studying acoustics and digital signal processing at the post-graduate level.

Re: Difference between fft and pspectrum in Matlab

Reply posted 2 years ago (09/19/2022)
Hi MK, I understand where the confusion is coming from. In the Venn diagram of the two frequencies, there is some overlap between the possible outputs of fft()...

Re: Can you find the illegal step?

Reply posted 3 years ago (08/27/2021)
Like CharlieRader said, division by 0 is the truly "illegal" step, but to my mind, the worst decision is not factoring out common terms until step 3. The error...

Re: Covid-19 Stories

Reply posted 4 years ago (03/26/2020)
I'm a grad student at the University of Edinburgh, but originally from the Seattle area of the US. On Monday, both Seattle and the UK moved to lock-down the general...

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