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Re: Low cost SigmaDSPs

Reply posted 5 years ago (01/20/2019)

Re: Pink noise generator on FPGA

Reply posted 5 years ago (12/05/2018)
Maybe have a look at my pink noise generator here:https://github.com/Stenzel/newshadeofpinkIgnore the hack on floats and focus on the integer version. The core is...

Re: MCU signal processing PDM to PCM

Reply posted 6 years ago (10/02/2018)
A more efficient way to deal with PDM data is to group the 1-bit samples by eight into unsigned chars and do FIR filtering by using these as indices in lookup tables....
Instead of summing multiple independant noise sources, it is also possible to use an allpass filter to modify the distribution, call it a distribution filter. This...


Reply posted 6 years ago (06/04/2018)
It looks like your approach is wrong - you sum up FFT results for each 1/3 octave and expect the output to resemble 1/f scaling. However, the number of FFT bins...

Re: Looking for Katja Vetter

Reply posted 6 years ago (05/16/2018)
Did you try the email address which is in any of the .zip files she offers for download?

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