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Re: DSP project suggestion

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/11/2017)
Thank you. Yes I have experience with FIR/IIR implementation on a DSP, but not more than that. Firmware is more marketable but it's computer engineering rather...

Re: DSP project suggestion

Reply posted 7 years ago (09/11/2017)
Would you please elaborate? 

DSP project suggestion

New thread started 7 years ago
I apologize in advance if this question is not suited to this forum.I have a DSP background from school(graduate EE courses). I am good on theory, but have never...
Oh yes...Sorry I missed that.
This is what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!
I understand that it's a good measure for general signals. But correlation method fails to use any additional information/restrictions(for example that signals might...
No. I just found how to express it : s1(t)=K.s2(a.t)We can assume k=1 because we want to normalize signal energies.Edited original post.An illustration for this:Time...
No my bad in wording maybe. I had 1-d signals in mind. By visual I meant we see two signals and can tell they are similar.
Classic way to measure how 2 signals are similar is normalized correlation. I have not been been able to find a precise mathematical definition for similarity, but...

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