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An internationally respected product development consultant with a proven track record in Agile project management, team leading, applied research and detailed knowledge and experience of technical specifications, DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms, data analytics, HPC (high performance computing), cryptography and hardware design. I have 15+ years professional experience of advising and helping hi-tech companies convert their concepts into fully viable commercial products.

complex coefficient iir realisation

New thread started 7 years ago
I recently needed to implement a complex iir filter. Although the designed filter works fine in Matlab and the asn filter designer, I was wondering if anybody had...

Re: Interactive digital filter design

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/31/2017)
The ASN filter designer has an in built signal analyser and generator, allowing you to generate almost any signal of your choice, including loading your own data....

Re: Interactive digital filter design

Reply posted 7 years ago (01/30/2017)
A few years ago, I tried out the IEEE signal processing magazine subscription for one year, but didn't like the writing style. The articles read like journal publications...

Re: Predictive Analytics from Sensor Data

Reply posted 8 years ago (12/19/2016)
You can implement a sample-by-sample simple predictor using an alpha filter, i.e.x=x+alpha*(z-x)where, 0<alpha<1 is the fixed gain, and 'z' is the input sample....

Re: Steepest-slope 2nd-order resonant filter?

Reply posted 8 years ago (10/17/2016)
I'm a little late to the discussion, but you could try this out in ASN Filter script, and see the results for yourself (the real time updates help greatly), and...

Re: Higher order filter from 1st and 2nd order design

Reply posted 8 years ago (08/22/2016)
Some good advice given herein. However, I would like to also recommend ASN FilterScript as the symbolic math interface has been specifically designed to aid designers...

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