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I have completed my B.Tech. in electronic and telecommunication technology (E&TC). I worked on epoch extraction on speech signals during my Masters. Currently I doing PhD in Artificial bandwidth extension of speech signals in EURECOM, France. My areas of interest are digital signal processing (DSP), speech signal processing, bandwidth extension for speech signals.

Hi,Can someone tell me if Itakura-saito distance calculated in this way gives the value in dB?If no, then any opinion or suggestion?Thanks,Pramod
In means that, you would need an ideal bandpass filter which is impossible to design. However, you can design a bandpass filter with sharp cut-off and high attenuation...
So basically you want to remove certain range of frequencies without using any bandpass filter?

Re: Filtering of amplitude spectrum

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/21/2017)

Re: Filtering of amplitude spectrum

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/21/2017)
Thanks for your answers.Here I am displaying what I am trying to achieve. Blue plot shows the magnitude spectrum of a speech frame with Fs=8kHz after zero insertion...

Filtering of amplitude spectrum

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Hello,I want to perform moving average on the amplitude spectrum of a speech signal frame (abs(fft(sig))) in the particular frequency range (e.g. 4-8kHz, Fs=16kHz)....

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