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Kishan Shenoi received his bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees from IIT-Delhi, Columbia University, and Stanford University, respectively, in 1972, 1973, and 1977. He is active in Standards development and co-chair of the technical committee of NIST-WSTS. He is named on over 50 patents and has several publications including two books, Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunications (1995) and Synchronization and Timing in Telecommunications (2009). He is currently CTO of Qulsar, developing fit-for-purpose solutions for timing and synchronization in the fields of communications, power, sensor networks, and the Internet of Things.

Re: raised-cosine matched filter question

Reply posted 4 years ago (06/23/2020)
One approach is to compute the area under the magnitude-squared curve of the filter frequency response.  If this value is A, then the ENBW is also A.  A common...
First, we need alfa < 1 for stability.  If alfa > 0 then we have a lowpass characteristic with "dc gain" of unity.Regarding quantization, another contributor...

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