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FM Carrier Recovery for AOA Calculation

New thread started 10 months ago
Is there a way to recover a carrier of an FM signal to use for an Angle of Arrival calculation?  I am using GNURadio and gr-aoa (https://github.com/MarcinWachowiak/gr-aoa)...

Re: RF Sampling using a 3 dB hybrid to generate I & Q

Reply posted 3 years ago (10/04/2021)
Thanks for the information.  It sounds like normal I & Q sampling issues.  I assumed that whatever I did, I would have to worry about amplitude and phase imbalance,...

Re: RF Sampling using a 3 dB hybrid to generate I & Q

Reply posted 3 years ago (10/04/2021)
Thank you for the reply!!What kind of distortions does the hybrid usually introduce?  This will be part of a wide band digital pre-distortion system.  I guess...
I know that a 3 dB hybrid can generate a 0 degree and 90 degree output ports.  Can I sample these two ports synchronized in time to generate my I & Q signals?...

Re: M-to-2 Polyphase Decimation Channelizer

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/07/2017)
Spetcavich,Thanks for the info.  Looking at what you have, you are breaking your FDM signal into 6 channels, each at a sample rate of Fs/6.  I have this, where...

M-to-2 Polyphase Decimation Channelizer

New thread started 7 years ago
I am trying to make a M to 2 Polyphase Channelizer.  I have a design in Octave running fine, but when I try to double the output sample rate, I am getting a lot...

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