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I am PhD student doing research in area of Digital Signal Processing, Software Defined Radio, Mobile Networks and Digital Design. My main focus is hardware acceleration of Digital Signal Processing algorithms on hybrid FPGA-CPU architectures (such as Xilinx Zynq SoC).

Hi,I think that your question is really nice but in same time there is a huge set of possible answers. However, I will try to offer suggestions related to array...

Re: Hot DSP Topics 2018

Reply posted 5 years ago (09/20/2018)
Hi All,I am working on my PhD in field of Signal Processing (to be more specific Signal Processing for communications). Based on what people do in research community...
Hi,Your sampling rate is fine.I feel that you are a bit confused with frequency and pahee offset. Phase offset you can perform after you performed frequency offset....
Hi Mukul,I need to ask you one questions before offering any answers:- What is sampling rate of ADC that you are using?Here are further comments:- You can do Hilbert...


Reply posted 6 years ago (11/14/2017)
Hi Neil,That is really nice post. I think for anlitlog and log implementation in FPGA this would be appropriate supplementary material:Computer Multiplication and...


Reply posted 6 years ago (11/14/2017)
Hi Hello,I do not know how you AGC loop looks exactly. However, I am sure you can do following:-You can split your datapath into two datapath (one for calculation...

Re: ZigBee Preamble

Reply posted 6 years ago (04/28/2017)
Hi,Yes that is correct.Kind Regards,Tarik

Re: Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation under AWGN

Reply posted 7 years ago (03/19/2017)
Hi,I think prashant is right. You are dealing with problem of residual frequency and timing offset. After you estimate coarse and fine frequency offset, you still...

Re: ZigBee Preamble

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/22/2017)
Hello,ZigBee has preamble which consists of 8 zero symbol repetitions. In ZigBee symbols consists of 4 bits which are mapped to 32 chips. So basically you have 8...

Re: down conversion vs de-modulation

Reply posted 7 years ago (11/24/2016)
Hello Saharan, Sorry for late reply. In that example both mapping to quadrature components and frequency shift to RF happens in same time. You would need to use...

Re: down conversion vs de-modulation

Reply posted 7 years ago (11/19/2016)
Hi Sharan,I think you already got nice answers. To give some extra flavor I will add one more. You can understand modulation as operation of translating your initial...

Re: CW Burst Signal Detection

Reply posted 7 years ago (11/07/2016)
Hello Moti,I would like to support operational region for SNR from 7dB up. I think this preamble is useful for coarse frequency offset estimation (I manage to make...

Re: CW Burst Signal Detection

Reply posted 7 years ago (11/07/2016)
Hi Tim,I do not have option to change preamble :(. But might be it is usefull, maybe I do not see how to use it in best way. 

CW Burst Signal Detection

New thread started 7 years ago
Hello Everyone,Currently I am working on interesting problem which is related to implementation of #QPSK receiver. I made several solutions. However, still I am...

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