yashasri prasad (@yashasri)


Reply posted 6 years ago (08/16/2017)
ofdm.m that's the matlab file, i'm sorry i'm new to these online forums.actually its a code from the text MIMO-OFDM,http://www.wiley.com//legacy/wileychi/cho/,...


Reply posted 6 years ago (08/16/2017)
i'm sorry i didn't get you....if u can help me, i will provide further details, plz.......the block diagram i used etc....


New thread started 6 years ago
i don't know what's wrong with this #ofdm code, it gets executed but i don't get any graph. % OFDM_basic.m clear all; clf; Target_neb=500; PowerdB=[0 -8 -17 -21...

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