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Frequency Response Plots: plotfr.m

Figure J.7 lists a Matlab function for plotting frequency-response magnitude and phase. (See also Fig.7.1.) Since Octave does not yet support saving multiple ``subplots'' to disk for later printing, we do not have an Octave-compatible version here. At present, Matlab's graphics support is much more extensive and robust than that in Octave's (which is based on a shaky and Matlab-incompatible interface to gnuplot). Another free alternative to consider for making nice Matlab-style 2D plots is matplotlib.

Figure J.7: Matlab function for plotting frequency-response magnitude and phase.

function [plothandle] = plotfr(X,f);
% PLOTFR - Plot frequency-response magnitude & phase.
%          Requires Mathworks Matlab.
% X = frequency response
% f = vector of corresponding frequency values

Xm = abs(X);         % Amplitude response
Xmdb = 20*log10(Xm); % Prefer dB for audio work
Xp = angle(X);       % Phase response

if nargin<2, N=length(X); f=(0:N-1)/(2*(N-1)); end
plot(f,Xmdb,'-k'); grid;
ylabel('Gain (dB)');
xlabel('Normalized Frequency (cycles/sample)');
axis tight;

plot(f,Xp,'-k'); grid;
ylabel('Phase Shift (radians)');
xlabel('Normalized Frequency (cycles/sample)');
axis tight;

if exist('OCTAVE_VERSION')
  plothandle = 0; % gcf undefined in Octave
  plothandle = gcf;

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