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Thanks to my current and former graduate students Edgar Berdahl, Juan Pablo Caceres, Patty Huang, Reeve Ingle, Tatsuki Kashitani, Minjong Kim, John Nolting, Gary Scavone, and Matt Wright for useful feedback regarding the contents of this book. Matt Wright, in particular, contributed by far the largest number of errata notes and suggested improvements. Thanks also to netizens Arnold Bomans, Ayoub Banoushi, Niels Farver, Todd Lehman, Alastair Moore, Niels Moseley, and Bernhard Neugebauer for reporting errata they noted in the earlier Web versions. The exercises in this book were developed with much help from my former teaching assistants, Patty Huang and Pamornpol (Tak) Jinachitra. Last but certainly not least, thanks to my wife Carol and son Harrison for allowing me to bear down on this book with relatively obsessed focus at ``finishing time''.

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